Isobel's Basket

Ghostbusters - #LeanIn

If you haven’t heard of it then you are living under a rock, obviously. The all female revamp of 80’s classic Ghostbusters hit Australian cinemas last Thursday. My Grrrls and I were eager to hit the cinemas for this one above the outcry against supporting the film; we

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Snoop Her Stash - Marie Edition

In our second installment of 'Snoop Her Stash' (see Jasmine's post here), we are taking a look into Marie's makeup bag.

How would you describe your everyday make-up look?

Although I wish I had a super glam everyday look, where my face was beat to perfection; I unfortunately don’t

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M.A.C. Velvet Teddy Dupe

A long time ago I picked up a M.A.C. lipstick called Velvet Teddy. I saw a girl wearing it at a party and asked her what it was. I started using it but it felt just a tiny bit flat on me. I thought back to the blonde

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Morphe Brushes Review

You can’t go on YouTube without hearing about ‘Morphe’. Whether it’s their various makeup brushes, or the crazily popular 35O eyeshadow palette, there’s no way you can deny that Morphe is having a moment.

Like the good little consumerist I am, as soon as I saw all

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Leo's Message

Everyone is talking about it; Leonardo DiCaprio finally won a very well deserved Oscar. He seemed to shock the world when his acceptance speech took a turn away from the entertainment industry and onto the environment and climate change.

People were humbled and in awe at DiCaprio speaking out on

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