September Favourites

I have a list of a few products that have surprised or impressed me over the month of September. Some are new that I have been lusting over and others are old favourites that have found their rightful position back on my vanity. Ella Bache Great Tanning Mitt I don ... Read more »

Graduation Makeup

I graduated a couple of months ago and it was the most excited and nervous I have been in a while. Graduating is serious business! I thought I might share the simple makeup I decided to go for. I used my Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation and Maybelline Dream Lumi ... Read more »

Book Club

I have wanted to do this for a while but everyone I seemed to ask thought it was a lame idea. I would say, “We should start a book club?” to which I would get the response “Ew, no, you are so uncool.” Well something along those lines maybe I ... Read more »

The Good and Bad of Travel

A common response from Americans when they find out I am from Australia is, “Wow, that’s a long flight!” or “Your country sounds amazing I would love to go there, it’s just so far away…” I have to admit it is a pretty long way away and depending ... Read more »

Why Mindy Kaling Is My Idol

Oh Mindy, I think you are awesome and I seriously wish I had the ability to refer to everyone as ‘babe’ and have as much swag as you rather than sounding like a complete bogan. After falling in love with The Mindy Project while getting over a really bad throat ... Read more »

Mecca Box

I have been meaning to subscribe to a beauty box for a long time and never really committed to the idea. I feel like the advertising makes it look like you will get all these great size samples from some reputable brands but I feel that will not be the ... Read more »

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