Buff Nails

After wearing bare nails for the first time in over a month I noticed my nails are a little bit yellow and discoloured from the nail polish. I guess it is my own fault for not always putting on a base coat to protect my nails. After turning to Google ... Read more »

The Weekend Bake #5

An active weekend spent with family in the sunshine. Walking the dogs and playing tennis, but now to the important things breaking down everything beauty, fashion and lifestyle this week. Hair Play I am still getting used to my new fringe. When we went out for breakfast Saturday morning I ... Read more »

Smoothie Saturday: Honeydew Energiser

This Saturday I found another smoothie recipe using a green tea base. This is an energizing green smoothie. It is a really simple recipe, which always gets bonus points from me. The best part is that the honeydew is beautiful and sweet and always in season. It also has a ... Read more »

Night Noodle Market - Brisbane Lifestyle Series

Last Friday night my sister’s husband brought to our attention that there would be a Night Noodle Market in the city as part of Brisbane’s Good Food Month. Of course my sister and I thought it would be cool to go have dinner there. I haven’t really ... Read more »

‘It’ by Alexa Chung

A new style icon has entered my world of beauty obsession. Of course all you switched on beauty and fashion lovers would already know this dazzling face because she has it all going on, it’s the one and only Alexa Chung. Now when I say she has it going ... Read more »

The Weekend Bake #4

This weekend was a BIG weekend full of exploring the city and trying new places. There were some definite highlights this week, so here is everything beauty, fashion and lifestyle. *Night Noodle Market * As part of Good Food Month Brisbane’s Cultural Forecourt hosted the Night Noodle Market. On Friday ... Read more »

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