Harry Potter: Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade

Diagon Alley, what can I say? I am seriously speechless that is how fantastic it was. Everything was incredible, I seriously felt like I was stepping into the world J.K. Rowling so meticulously created. It all starts at Universal Studios where you can meet Stan Shunpike and take a ... Read more »

U.S.A. TRIP: Orlando Pt. 2

After a solid fifteen hours of sleep I was ready to take on the second day in Orlando, Florida with a bang. It was magic kingdom time, and what do you do when you step into Magic Kingdom for the first time in your life? You do an awkward dance ... Read more »

U.S.A. TRIP: Orlando Pt. 1

Yes, yes, I know… get yourself together your trip to the U.S.A was ages ago, no one even cares anymore. Wrong, I care! And I haven’t had anytime to sort through all my photos. I have managed to finally put it all together and to be honest ... Read more »

Grecian Formal

Formal season has arrived and I had the pleasure of beautifying Elyse! (Not that she really needs much help in that department.) She wore a gorgeous and very classic gown with bronze beading that looked fantastic with her skin tone. So how did I create this eye look… Using Napoleon ... Read more »

Noggin by John Corey Whaley

I apologise for the recycled picture of the book from my last post but it seems my camera has decided to turn off and never turn back on. I guess after being a bit click happy for two weeks in the USA sent it over the edge. As promised I ... Read more »

September Favourites

I have a list of a few products that have surprised or impressed me over the month of September. Some are new that I have been lusting over and others are old favourites that have found their rightful position back on my vanity. Ella Bache Great Tanning Mitt I don ... Read more »

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